We want to inform you of some changes you may experience in our office in the next few weeks. We aren’t sure how long these changes will be in effect, but as of now, the following will take place:

• First and foremost – it’s safe to come in.  We are screening patients and sanitizing everything with our hospital-grade sanitizing agents. 
• We have changed our schedules to two groups, well visits during the first part of the day and sick visits during the second part of the day. We will work hard on this, and appreciate your flexibility! Well visits are from 9 am to noon. Sick visit and walk-ins will be seen in the afternoon.
• We can NOT have walk ins for sick visit during well visit hours.
• You will be screened at the front door. We will be asking about recent travel, and what symptoms you/your child may have recently had.
• You won’t be waiting in the waiting room. If there is no room available, we will want you to wait in your car and will call you in when it’s time to go to a room.
• We’ve removed all books and toys from rooms.
• We will have the ability to test for Coronavirus very soon, please call us for more details. Testing is limited nationwide. We are following CDC and Health Department guidelines for  testing. There is a dedicated procedure for how we will evaluate these patients, including seeing patients outside the clinic. 

Have a child who is mildly sick and just want to ask some questions? Give us a call to talk with a nurse! We are here for you! 

More updates to come as we know them.

We are in this together. Let’s be kind to each other and remember that it takes us working together as a COMMUNITY to keep our loved ones –  and our neighbors – safe and healthy.

– The Team at League City Pediatrics