Our Painless Practice at League City Pediatrics

Studies have shown that pain is traditionally overlooked or under treated in pediatric patients. At League City Pediatrics we are a painless practice we understand and have multiple treatment options to reduce pain and anxiety. Whether it’s an injury from falling off the monkey bars, to sore throat that is preventing your child
from eating or drinking, or even a nervous toddler in need of stitches. We recognize how important it is to offer pain relief as soon as possible. Every patient with a pain-related complaint will be offered something to relieve pain, as soon as possible.

Sometimes pain can be relieved without medication. Examples include ice/cool packs, splinting of an injured arm or leg, and patient distraction. Studies have shown that distraction can be a very powerful and effective pain reliever.

The most common pain reliever that we provide is Ibuprofen (Advil/Motrin),which has proved very effective for many painful conditions. However,there are times when Ibuprofen is not enough and in those instances, we have stronger medicines for severe pain. We make sure to have medications on hand in forms that young children can easily take, including liquid form or nasal sprays. Pain relieving nasal sprays are a new method of delivering strong medications for severe pain, without the painful process of receiving an IV or a shot. These pain-relieving sprays are great for patients who need a fast-acting pain medication and are also excellent options for painful procedures.

Procedures like laceration repair can be painful and scary for children, adolescents, and even young adults. If a wound is deep enough to require stitches, we offer a pain relieving topical liquid called LET. LET is applied for approximately 25-30 minutes. After LET application, your child will feel
little to no pain as we place the stitches. A small number of patients may need additional numbing medication via injection afterward, but the injection hurts far less after.

LET application. In older patients, we can use a pain relieving topical cold spray before any needle-related procedures.
Once we have taken care of your child and relieved his or her pain, we will
make sure that you have a clear outpatient plan for pain relief at home.